First off..thank you!

To all of you that have passed and repassed and replurked and regurgitated this info.

A very early stage list of participants follows:

KMADD-Maddox Dupont

Exile-Kavar Cleanslate

Stellar-Lexi Morgan

Purangi Designs-Hibiscus Flossburg

MOOD-Jori Watler

Clutter-Kat Alderson

Zoe’s Garden-Adele Rhiadra

Tacky Star-Aura Falta

Kouse’s Sanctum-Kouse Singh

POSEUR-Melanie774 Kidd

[Insatiable Fashions]-AliannaMarie Gossipgirl’

No Strings Attached’-Milli Santos

Crackberry-jemima Clowes

Snowpaws-Carrie Snowpaws

DCNY-Anessa Stine

Gesticulate-Gidge Uriza, Elusyve Jewell

Shine-Brandy Rasmuson

**Please note–the avatar who will handle the funds is already set up and able to take donations. If you prefer to drop a donation directly, please donate to GardenCityRelief Resident**