A heartfelt thank you!

If I missed your IM or notecard, please accept my apology and resend it. The response was overwhelming!


If you have a few L$ to spare, there’s definitely something for everyone at the Garden City Relief location.  I didn’t receive vendor ads for everything, and quite honestly, this was faster. I’d like to get the pictures out quickly to give you an idea of what our vendors have to offer.

Top Right: Olive Juice-pose set; Top Left Cluter-Friends chair; Bottom both items Crackberry-Furniture

Top Left: Snatch-2 dresses; Top Right: Stellar-female outfit; Bottom Left: Elika-hairstyle; Bottom right: NSFW Dresses

Top Left: Republic-FATPACK shoes; Top Right: Spyralle-Female outfit; Bottom both pictures: Gesticulate-Male and female poses


More to come!!!